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Curacao, Straight to the Heart

What makes Curacao special among Caribbean islands? Authenticity. For centuries, we have forged a vibrant and rich culture rooted in history and hospitality. Our heritage is both European and African - representing more than 50 nationalities. We speak Dutch, Spanish, and English - as well as a local language, Papiamentu, a colorful Creole dialect.


  Our recommendations  

Grote knip kenepa grandi curacao

Grote Knip

Knip Beach is a very popular beach where locals love to go on weekends. At Grote Knip Beach you can swim and sunbathe in one of the most beautiful surroundings on our island. Snorkelling can be done close to the shore near the rocks on either side of Knip Beach or you can swim to the reef but this is quite a swim. On some days you can buy local dishes, snacks and drinks but not always so be prepared to bring your own drinks and snacks.

Mambo beach boulevard curacao

Mambo Beach

This popular beach has something for everyone and is possibly the most talked about beach. It is the widest beach on the island with a shopping center in the middle called Mambo Beach Boulevard. In this area you will find a large assortment of restaurants and shops including a hair dresser and Byrons Tattoo Shop. On the waterfront the popular beaches line up side to side: Wet n' Wild, Cabana Beach, Mambo Beach to name a few.

Playa Forti beach curacao

Playa Forti

Playa Forti is a small beach located near Westpunt in the north-west of the Island. It is a sandy beach with small pebbles. There is a snack bar and a restaurant. Close to the restaurant, there is a spot where one can make a 10 metre jump from a cliff into the sea. The view from above Playa Forti is right out of a postcard, with the fishing boats and a panorama of the island's western tip.

Food & Drinks

Texas Alaparia best good local food curacao grill

Texas Alaparia

Texas Alaparia is a local staple on the island and was founded twenty-eight years ago by the current CEO’S father, winning multiple awards for being the best ‘grill’ restaurant on the Island! Interesting to know is that the recipes of the meats and sauces are prepared in a special way because the recipes belong to the grandmother of the CEO’s who recently passed away. The company is very proud of her special recipes and the cooks prepare the dishes with passion, care and respect and you can taste that in the food.

Casual / Grill 
Gouverneur restaurant

Plasa Bieu

Local Specialties

Plasa Bieu is situated in the heart of Punda, in Willemstad. The place to find krioyo soul cooking; a wide range of local dishes. For more than half a century Plasa Bieu Curacao has been serving a wide range of local dishes cooked on the spot in the conventional way. In Plasa Bieu Curacao are six different operators located, all with a specialization in local food.

Champs best good ice cream curacao

Champs Ice Cream

Delicious Desserts

Champs Ice Cream is the best ice cream in Curacao. They also have delicious shakes, smoothies and desserts like cheesecakes! Make sure to not leave the island before tasting these delicious desserts! Champs Ice Cream is located on Wilhelmina plein in Punda. Just a 10 minute walk from Curacao Suites Hotel.


Klein Curacao

Visit Klein Curaçao

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Curaçao's Punda and Otrobanda districts lies a remote, coral island with white sand beaches, crystal clear water, a spectacular reef and colorful sea life. The flat, wind-swept island of Klein Curaçao (Dutch for Little Curaçao) is a mecca for divers, snorkelers and sunbathers. Klein Curaçao lies 15 miles off the southeast point of Curaçao. For booking a trip to Klein Curacao you can ask our front desk for more information.

Christoffel national park curacao

Christoffel National park

Grab your sneakers and head to this 4,450-acre wildlife preserve near the island's west end. The park offers nature-lovers a variety of hiking trails through its variant garden and desert landscapes, including a two- to three-hour hike to the top of the 1,240-foot mt. Christoffel, the island's highest point. On clear days, you'll see as far as Venezuela. If hiking isn't your thing, give your feet a break and enlist the aid of an on-site adventure operator offering horseback rides or jeep tours of the grounds. Kayaking is also available in areas throughout the park. Park entrance from $10 per person.

Snorkelling diving curacao

Snorkelling / Diving

Discover our underwater world while snorkelling, diving and enjoying the bright blue waters of Curaçao with its coral, beautiful fishes and mysterious wrecks.

We like to think there is no place in the world offering such great shore dives or opportunities to enjoy the beauty of sea's nature while snorkelling.

Must See

Queen Emma pontoon bridge

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Spanning the St. Anna Bay, the Queen Emma, or also known as the "Swinging Old Lady," is a floating pedestrian bridge that connects Willemstad's two halves, Punda and Otrobanda. Built in 1888, the Queen Emma Bridge is supported by 16 pontoon boats and swings open laterally to allow ships to enter and leave the bay. The Queen Emma Bridge is just a 5 minute walk from Curacao Suites Hotel.

Museum Kura Hulanda

Museum Kurá Hulanda

Museum Kurá Hulanda is an anthropological museum that focuses on the predominant cultures of Curacao. It offers a world-class chronicle of the Origin of Man, the African slave trade, West African Empires, Pre-Colombian gold, Mesopotamian relics and Antillean art. Museum Kura Hulanda is located directly next to Curacao Suites Hotel.

Ostrich farm struisvogel

Ostrich Farm

Get your day started at the Curacao Ostrich Farm, where you can see the world's fastest-running birds as they grow from egg to adulthood. Climb aboard the farm's open-air safari truck to explore the grounds. Feed the adult birds, hold an egg, pet a young chick, and—with a little luck—witness an ostrich being born. Explore the unique souvenir shop before exiting the farm.

Our last tips

Rent a car curacao carrental

Rent a car

We would most highly recommend anybody to rent a car during their stay in Curacao. It’s the best way to discover all the beautiful places and off course beaches.

Rent a car with us as we have special rates for our hotel guests. Starting at just $39 a day for a small size car and $49 for a mid-size car. No deposit required! Ask our front desk for more information. offline navigation curacao
Enjoy curacao island

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Drink enough water and spray yourself with sunblock every 15 minutes while sunbathing. Make sure you have a mosquito repellent with more than 30 percent Deet in it to keep the mosquitos away!

Exploring Undiscovered Curacao

The best part of exploring Curacao is that it feels undiscovered, like an exclusive hideaway. One of the tiny "ABC Islands" - Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao - this secluded slice of paradise is the Caribbean's best-kept secret. The Curacao tourism board wants to help you uncover its many wonders. There are no "tourist traps" here. Locals and visitors mingle in harmony throughout the island. Relax and unwind amidst Curacaoans working, playing, and enjoying life to its fullest - the same as they have done for generations. We love to socialize, so don't be surprised if someone waves and tosses a friendly "Bon Bini!" (Welcome!) or "Kon ta bai?" (How's it going?) your way. What are you waiting for? Willemstad, Ranked Among The Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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